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The piece of work on the listing of men on the Aston Parish Church Memorial has now concluded, and the book with their details was presented to the Church on 2nd July 2023. The Church will be making the book available for viewing.

The same approach is being applied to other Memorials or publications. The GEC Roll of Honour, Aston Parish Church churchyard, and the 8th RWR are already complete (see listings).

Witton Cemetery Screen Walls

The listing is now live. The identified Aston men found on the Screen Walls are detailed using the same format.

A never ending story

Late July 2023 and the work moves on apace. The Aston Parish Church Memorial lisiting is complete, as is that for the 8th Royal...

New look, broader remit!

The website, and the project, is relaunching today, with a broader remit. I will be attempting to identify Aston men who died in WW1 from...

16 left to find, plus a tidy up!

Today I have posted the latest update to the Listing, as well as revised documents. With so few left to find, clearly the less easy ones...

We need the public's help

My last post noted that we have 22 men unidentified, and I think it likely now that we are only going to find these if someone thinks it...

The Latest Update!

It's been a little while, but the latest update to the Listing is now available. Again, there has been real progress, and if we take...

Still making progress!!

Well over a month after launch, and progress continues. I have been supported by members of Birmingham History Forum, and others, who...


Sorry, forgot to mention jmadone, Birmingham History Forum, for their help.

What progress!

It's been a really busy 10 days, and progress has been made. Eleven additional men have been identified, and a further four have partial...

We have lift off!

2/2/22 (2 February 2022) - so it's all the 2's and time to get into action! Aston Parish Church has given its blessing for the project to...

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