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Image by Rob Curran


Listing of names of the fallen, even with some personal details, is not a particularly inspiring testament to the men who lost their lives during WW1; these men were people with families, friends, and a civilian life pre-war.  The Listings go some way to giving those names an identity, but the intention is that more detailed stories of these men will add a degree of social context, which collectively may paint a picture of Aston in the early 20th century and add poignancy to the loss that families must have felt.

Stories will be taken for men from across the Listings on the site. This will be an evolving section as new stories are added, written either by myself or other researchers, or by family members. The list below will be alphabetic, by surname.

Arthur Thomas BARNETT


Herbert JONES

William Allen TALBOT

Albert Charles TOMLIN

Jack Vernon TOWNSEND


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