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GEC Roll of Honour


The General Electicity Company (GEC) published a Roll of Honour book which listed the men who worked for their company at locations throughout England and Wales and who had served in WW1.  Approximately 10,000 men who worked for GEC at that time, and they had three large factories in Aston, and a fourth was located in Birmingham. There were other allied companies too, such as Chamberlain & Hookham based on Constitution Hill in Birmingham. 


The Roll of Honour states that 2,150 men served in the armed forces, and well over 800 of these had been from these factories and affiliates. Across the country, 252 men GEC men died, and of these almost a quarter (61) had worked in a GEC factory or affiliate in Aston or Birmingham and lived in Aston.


The names and details of these 61 men are listed below


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