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Witton Cemetery Memorial

Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery contains 459 World War 1 burials. Some of the burials are found in three denominational plots, but many burial sites and their headstones have been lost. Screen Walls contain the names of all those WW1 casualties buried in either marked or unmarked graves.


A significant number of those buried here were casualties treated in four large and a number of smaller Birmingham hospitals. The large ones comprised the 1st Southern General  based in the University; the 2nd/1st Southern General in the Dudley Road Infirmary and in billets; the 1st Birmingham War Hospital at Rubery Hill Asylum and the 2nd Birmingham War Hospital at Hollymoor Asylum.

Of the 459 names listed on the Screen Walls, 166 have been identified as residing in Aston and these are given in the listing below. The map below gives their residence distribution across the Aston area (see Defining Aston).

Listing of Aston men only

Map of their residence distribution

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