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Memorial Poppies

Memorial Listings and People


The aim of this work is to identify and give personal details of the men on the various Memorials and publications, and within local cemeteries, and in so doing to help relatives, the community, genealogists and others to bring their names to life.

A Short Video

highlights this aim in relation to the Aston Parish Church Memorial.

Each of the Listings is an alphabetic list as the names are spelt on the orginal source. Where an alternative spelling of the surname  is given in brackets, this indicates the correct spelling for the name as found in other records. The information given for each man is consistent across all of the Listings.

​The People section is self explanatory - personal stories of the men, researched by myself, family members, or other researchers. This list will grow and will be updated as  time permits.

Other documents giving essential context to the interpretation of information are found elsewhere on the site.

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