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Aston Parish Church WW1 Memorial

​Within Aston Parish Church (St Peter and St Paul) is located a WW1 Memorial inscribed with 618 names. (Note: This Memorial is separate from the external one dedicated to the 8th Batallion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and its associated Roll of Honour found within the church, details of which can be found elsewhere on this site.)


The names appear on nine panels on the main Memorial, and there is a further separate panel which I assume was added later. As there are six names at the end of the ninth panel of the main memorial which have been added, and because not all names are in alphabetic sequence on the panels anyway, the entries across all panels have been combined to give a single alphabetic listing.


The map below gives their residence distribution across the Aston area (see Defining Aston).

Map giving distribution of residences



It is understood that sometime after the first World War, probably in 1919/20, Aston parishioners and others associated with Aston were invited to submit names to the Church for inclusion on a Memorial to honour the fallen. The  Memorial stands as a testament to those who died.

The Memorial was unveiled on the evening of Monday 3 October 1921 by Dr Henry Wakefield, Bishop of Birmingham, but we know nothing about the collection of names, or who designed or inscribed the Memorial. It comprises ten panels, one of them appearing to have been added at a slightly later date. The names on this final panel are for men who died across the full range of war years, so they probably are those whose names were submitted late.

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